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Optizen 3220UV QX Water Quality Analyzer

Oct 19, 2009 GMT

company Mecasys Co., Ltd. Verified Company
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 10F, 640-3, Banseok-dong, Daejeon, Daejeon, Korea (South) 305-150
Contact JaeYoung Song
fax 82-42-485-7118
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Product Information

Product Description  
OPTIZEN 3220UV QX Simple! Accurate! Diversified! water analysis with Double Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer! 

Product Feature
OPTIZEN QX series are designed for water quality analysis to improving and simplifying analytical procedures for routine use.  

- High sample throughput  

- High quality reagents use : in cooperation with MERCK, one of the leading water quality test kit producer in the world. 

- Cost down maintenance 

- High resolution : high precision sine driver monochromator provides selection of 1nm wavelength between 190 ~ 1100nm.  

- Windows XP based OS provides you with more stable and user-friendly environment. Anyone can easily use OPTIZEN 3220UV QX like PC. 

- Meet the Zero-Defects Data with more powerful AGC (Auto Gain Control) circuit and SLC (Sliding LC Mirror Changer) system  

- USB ports for user-friendly programming updates and other accessory connections  

- Easy to use software with scanning and time course scanning Product 

Specification / Models Hardware Specifications  
- Optical System : Double Beam Optics  

- Spectral Bandwidth : < 1.0nm  

- Wavelength Range : 190nm ~ 1100nm  

- Wavelength Accuracy : < ±0.3nm (at D2 Peak 656.1nm, 486.0nm)  

- Wavelength Reproducibility : < ±0.1nm 

-  Photometric Range : -4.0~4.0 ABS  

- Photometric Accuracy : ± 0.004 ABS (at 1.0 ABS), ± 0.002 ABS (at 0.5 ABS)  

- Noise Level : < 0.001A  

- Monochomater : Modified Czerny 

-Turner type with 1200 lines/mm blazed Grating  

- Light Source : Tungsten-Halogen Lamp & Deuterium Lamp  

- Dimensions(mm) : 600(W) x 400(D) x 250(H)mm  

- Weight : 16kg (Only Main System)

Contact Information
JaeYoung Song
Contact Now
  • company Mecasys Co., Ltd.
  • address 10F, 640-3, Banseok-dong, Daejeon, Daejeon, Korea (South) 305-150
  • fax 82-42-485-7118
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