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Purification System
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Product Description
Ecological purification of rivers and ponds is the way to treat pollution origins environment-friendly by self-purification abilities of plants and organisms that live in river or pond water, but the river or pond water must be treated artificially since ecological purification function is impossible when the pollution burden capacity overcomes its self-purification ability.
Aquacell river/pond purification system is a technology developed to advance water quality of polluted river/pond to recirculate after treating a part of highly polluted river or pond water biologically.
Aquacell river/pond purification system can be constructed more compactly by former organic filter technique, and higher treatment efficiency can be achieved.
-Best system for purifying polluted river/pond water quality
-Compact facility and cheaper operation cost
-Environment-friendly treatment system 

Product Feature
Characteristics of Aquacell River/Pond Purification System
+ Best in case of highly polluted river and pond
+ High endurance due to successive generation
function and sludge wasting facility installation + Stable operation according to input water isolation system installation by sensing water level at floods
+ Easy to maintain and manage by installing screens to prevent sand and adulteration input?
+ installation of partial underwater reservoir to preserve river ecology (complete underwater reservoir disconnection) 

Product Specification / Models
Efficiency of Aquacell River/Pond Purification System
+ BOD, SS removed up to 85~95%
+ Coli bacillus, odor, color, thickness removed more than 95%
+ Nitrogen, phosphor removed up to 50~60% 

Field applied with Aquacell River/Pond Purification System
+ Purification of polluted river water quality
+ Water quality purification and prevention of green algae at ponds in golf courses
+ Water quality purification of large/small scale pond/fountain systems