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Waste Water Treatment (Aquacell Media)
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[Product name]

Aquacell Media


[Purpose and Applications]

Waste water reuse / Filthy and waste water treatment / Purification of rivers and ponds / Microorganism deodorization facilities


[Merits or Strength compared to other similar domestic and overseas technologies and product]

Aquacell Media has a 3D structure and is formed by mixing eco-friendly zeolite and polyethylene resin. That is why it has a wider specific surface area and has higher adhesiveness compared with other media.


[General Descriptions and Features]

Aquacell Media is an optimal product as a microorganism carrier for the biofilm method that is designed to decompose low concentration organic matters in water and treat suspended solid (SS). It also provides superb performance when applied in microorganism-based deodorization system for treating VOCs and stench.

* Features

- Wider specific surface area makes it possible to build treatment facilities in a compact size.

- Highly porous, so pressure loss can be lowered and power cost can be reduced.

- Microorganism will be attached excellently at the initial stage as zeolite and hydrophilic ingredients are added.

- Highly durable compared with other microorganism carriers (Life span – 7 years or longer)

- Can be reused as eco-friendly materials (Including zeolite, PE) are used.


[Product Standard]


PE + Zeolite



Specific surface area

500 m2/m3 / 271 m2/m3

Specific gravity

0.98 ~ 1.2

Compression strength

250 kgf/cm2

Adhesion speed

26.34 mg-MLSS/m2hr