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HCl Analyzer

Product Description To discharge the pollutants exhausted from chimney pursuant to the standard of allowable exhaust, HCl Analyzer in TMS is used by regulating the diluted amount of pollutants in accordance with the concentration valuesindicated on .....

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Sampling Type Dust Analyzer 815AWD

Sampling type Dust Analyzer 815AWD (Sampling type Dust Analyzer consists of sample collector, maesuring device, purge air supplier, and monitor with microprocessor)

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Dehumidifier (Temperature can be controlled accurately by regulating set temperature with PID system attaching thermal sensor)

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Tele Monitoring System

Tele Monitoring System (Chimney exhaust gas measurement system)

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Dust Analyzer 815A

Dust analyzer 815A (Dust analyzer consists of Sensor probe unit and monitor with microprocessor)

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